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The Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project


The Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project had its ideological beginnings in the pages of the now-defunct "Seppala Network" newsletter published in 1995-96 by J. Jeffrey Bragg. It was there that the idea of a separate Seppala breed, distinct from the A.K.C./C.K.C. registered Siberian Husky, was first conceived and discussed. The refusal of the Canadian Kennel Club to register the new Siberia import dog Shakal iz Solovyev eventually forced the decision to seek recognition from Agriculture Canada for the Seppala Siberian Sleddog as an "evolving breed."

At first the SSSD Project was coterminous with Seppala Kennels. All of the difficult work of compiling material and briefing Agriculture Canada, determining breeding guidelines, establishing a breed standard, and incorporating a new Animal Pedigree Association was done alone by the operators of Seppala Kennels. Now after ten difficult years the Project is growing and taking on new adherents and supporters. It remains based in Canada's Yukon Territory and spearheaded by J. Jeffrey Bragg and Isa Boucher, however. As of the second quarter of 2007, plans are well along for Seppala Kennels to move to Rossburn, ProvinceOfManitoba | Manitoba]. It is expected that such a relocation will further the grown and spread of the Project and its dogs.


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