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Show Dog


The term show dog can refer to any dog which enters a venue where dogs of a breed are judged against a breed standard, ranked competitively against other dogs of that same breed, and awarded ribbons, trophies amd ultimately titles (e.g., "Champion") signifying their supposed superiority. A show dog is usually descended from a bloodline where cosmetic features have been re-emphasized over successive generations, often through the use of inbreeding.

A show dog is not required to conform to any working criteria nor meet any requirements which are crucial for the survival of its breed, such as the ability to reproduce naturally. Generally, cosmetic features in show dogs are prioritized higher than genetic health and form the basis of the value system implied by the judging.

It should be realised that there is nothing absolute or objective in the judgment of dog show judges. The rankings at any given show are regarded by the exhibitors as being the opinion of that judge, on that particular day. Dogs are usually judged in various classes (e.g., Junior Puppy, Senior Puppy, Open, Bred by Exhibitor, etc.). A dog that fails to place in its class (usually ranked only for the first through fourth places) may easily place first in the same class on the following day under another judge. Thus the superiority signified by dog show trophies and titles is open to serious question.


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