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Shango of Seppala



Shango of Seppala was born 18 June 1962, bred by J. D. McFaul, from one of the last three litters bred by Donnie after the long-continued financial sponsorship of C. S. MacLean was finally withdrawn. Shango was dark grey and white, a big boy who weighed around 65 pounds when he was in proper condition. Despite his imposing size he had a lovely gait. His eyes were brown. He was a beautifully friendly, dignified and cooperative old dog in spite of what must have been a hard life. He was acquired from Earl Norris for the Markovo rescue effortin spring of 1973; farmed out with an uncaring racer in Hull, Quebec, where he was kept in dense, damp cedar bush. Shango was half-dead when acquired, malnourished and full of hookworm, he weighed only 48 pounds. He recovered rapidly and became Bragg's best stud dog in the Markovo years.

He was sired by the long-coated Ruffo of Seppala (a son of Donnie's leader Foxstand's Sunday and Mitzie of Seppala) out of Bilka of Seppala 3rd. Shango sired the well-known Surgut of Markovo on Lyl of Sepsequel. He was sire of the S-Litter, the R-Litter, the D-Litter and the A-Litter of Markovo.


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