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Shakal iz Solovyev


Shakal iz Solovyev (in Russian, Шакал из Соловёв) in 1993 became the first new Siberia sleddog import to Canada since 1930. Born 10 June 1992 (died 25 February 2008), he was purchased by J. Jeffrey Bragg as a three-month-old puppy in Europe in 1992, he came from the Ekaterinburg kennel of Sergei Alexandrovitch Solovyev in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Shakal was denied registration with the Canadian Kennel Club on the grounds that his pedigree did not show three generations of registration numbers.


Shakal (the word means "Jackal" in Russian) was called "Jackie" by his owner. He was medium grey in colour, eyes brown, with conventional markings; very much like the Siberians of the 1930s. In fact he showed a striking resemblance to photos of the Millie Turner leader, Ch. Vanka of Seppala 2nd, son of 1930 Siberia import Kree Vanka. He weighed about 52 pounds and stood 23.5 inches in height. Shakal usually ran wheel position on Seppala Kennels teams, although he could also run lead. Aloof with strangers, he was happy and affectionate with his owners; as an old dog he became a house pet in the cabin of Isa Boucher.


Shakal sired four litters at Seppala Kennels: the 1994 Z-Litter out of Norde of Sepp-Alta, the 1997 "O" litter out of Seppalena, the 1997 P-Litter out of Zirconia of Sepp-Alta, and the 1997 R-Litter out of Fireball of Sepp-Alta.


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