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How to Edit SeppalaWiki Correctly!


To keep SeppalaWiki nice-looking and uniform, and to give newcomers a good idea of how to get started doing things the right way, here are some style and how-to suggestions:


* NAME a new page using CamelCase -- no spaces between the words, with a capital letter beginning each word.


* To create a link (and EVERY new page must have a link somewhere, on an existing page of SeppalaWiki), enclose the page name (which will be a word or words in the text of a page somewhere) in SQUARE BRACKETS [ ].


* Then, to make the link look nice (so it doesn't appear on the page in CamelCase), use a VERTICAL BAR | (separated by spaces) after the page name, followed by whatever phrase you want to have in the text, in normal type, like this: [SeppalaWikiHowTo | how to edit this wiki]. The finished result will look like this: how to edit this wiki.


* On SeppalaWiki we put the main text of the page in white call-out boxes, just as has been done on this page. To do this, all you have to do is to start the paragraph with a single space. That simple!


* Major sections of text in an article can be put into separate call-out boxes. To do this, just hit "enter" twice to move down two lines (once to get off the line of text you just finished, once to skip a line); then start the new paragraph with a single space.


* But if you want to put more than one paragraph of text in a single box, as has been done here, what you must do is this: hit "enter" once to get off your last line of text. Then put a single space on the next line and hit "enter" again; that leaves the line blank, but keeps it in the same box. Then start the next paragraph with a single space. Both paragraphs SHOULD then remain in a single box.

* Once you have created your new page, make sure it has a title at the top. That's done by typing one exclamation point (and NO spaces) just before your title, like this: !!How to Edit This Wiki. To make a smaller subtitle, use just two exclamation point before the title text. Three exclamation points gives you the smallest subtitle.


* When you have typed the text of your page, please put a link back to the main page "Introduction to Seppalas" just like those found at the bottom of the existing pages (in fact you can just copy-and-paste the wiki source code for that link, and you can view the source of any of these wiki pages by scrolling to the footer of the page and clicking on "View page source" in the left-hand listing of "Page Information."


* If your new page is anything less than a complete article, copy and paste the "This page is a stub!" notice from a similar page, and add your page to the "Stub List" (accessible from the SideBar).

* Once your new page has been correctly formatted, you should read through it and add links for any logical topics in its text, whether or not pages for those topics already exist in the wiki. If a page of that name doesn't already exist, the link will appear with a dotted red line beneath it, and when somebody clicks on that, the wiki will offer to create a new page by that name. If a page of that name DOES exist, check to MAKE SURE that you have used the exact wording and spelling of that page's name -- otherwise your link won't open that page. (It's important, too, not to have two or three differently-named pages covering the same topic.)

* Use the PBWiki style pages to help you get the correct code to do whatever you need to do. And if you get stuck, or think you might not have gotten your page formatted right, just check with Jeffrey to get some help!




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