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The Fourth Historic "Seppala Kennels"


The fourth Seppala Kennels was established in July 1993 in Grizzly Valley, Yukon Territory, when J. Jeffrey Bragg arrived in the Territory with two dozen Seppalas bred in the U.S.A. and Spain -- along with a yearling Siberia import sleddog from Russia. He was joined in September 1993 by Isa Boucher. These were the same two people who had undertaken the Markovo rescue of Seppala strain two decades previously. The kennel was sited on a 17 acre/6.8 hectare parcel of unserviced land beside the Klondike Highway that runs between the Alaska Highway (just outside Whitehorse) and Dawson City. The kennel's location lies between Jackfish Bay of Lake Laberge and the Miners Range mountains.

When they returned to Canada, Bragg and Boucher had no intention of founding a new dog breed. They immediately applied to The Canadian Kennel Club for Siberian Husky registration of their sleddogs, most of which were already thus registered with The American Kennel Club and the Libro de Origenes de EspaƱa. The sole exception was Shakal iz Solovyev the Russian import dog. His application was sent to CKC along with the rest, together with considerable supporting information. A two-year largely one-sided wrangle with the Registration Division ensued, the final result of which was that the Club would not register a Siberia import due to its lack of registered Siberian Husky ancestry.

The dogs that came to Grizzly Valley in 1993 became the firm foundation of the Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project. Those that were ancestral to later breeding are listed here, as follows:

    Sepalleo - M (Hercules of Sepp-Alta x Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo)
    Sepallop - M (Hercules of Sepp-Alta x Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo)
    Sepallampo - M (Hercules of Sepp-Alta x Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo)
    Markobosco - M (River View's Hurley x Norde of Sepp-Alta)


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