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Reindeer Herding Laika (Nenets Herding Laika)


The Reindeer Herding Laika also known as the Nenets Herding Laika is a registered dog breed in Russia, roughly equivalent to the Samoyed breed in the west but more varied in colour and more primitive. Its standard weight is given as 40 to 50 pounds and its height 16 inches for females, 18 inches for males, making today's Russian version a smaller dog than the western Samoyed. Its colour may be white, gray, black or tan, either solid or piebald patterned with white.


Unlike the four hunting Laika breeds, the Reindeer Herding Laika is not used for hunting and is expected to show little hunting instinct. Also unlike them it is regarded as a dual-purpose breed useful for pulling a dogsled as well as herding.


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