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Racing Siberian Husky



The Racing Siberian Husky (often abbreviated RSH) consists of those bloodlines and their supporting population groups of the registered Siberian Husky breed that is dedicated to and purposefully bred for the sport of dogsled racing. Racing Siberian Huskies are typically distinguished from show dog Siberians both by their distinctive bloodline history and by various traits of physical appearance. Among those traits are good work ethic, stamina and natural ''will to go'' comportment in harness. It tends to have more longer legs and body,as generally finer (and usually less round) bones than the show dog and the fur is in general less long and dense.

A number of historic Siberian Husky bloodlines would be acknowledged by most breed fanciers as Racing Siberian Huskies. Among them would be, for example, Igloo Pak, Zero, Calivali, Kodiak and Natomah, to name but a few major lines. Others, such as for example Earl F. Norris' Anadyr, are said to be "dual purpose" dogs that are supposedly capable of competitive racing and winning at dog shows, thus supporting the often-expressed ideal of the "good-looking dog that can also run."


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