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The Markovo Rescue


To rescue Seppala strain from impending extinction was not an idea that sprang full-blown from anyone's brow. It was too difficult to locate breeding stock, too challenging even to acquire the necessary knowledge at first. It could never have been put into operation overnight, except perhaps by someone who already possessed an intimate knowledge of the strain and its history, and all such people had already gotten out of Seppalas. Earl F. Norris alone might have had the stock necessary to do such a thing, and he had no interest in that kind of project. J. Malcolm McDougall had switched over to Alaskan huskies as his racing career developed. J. D. McFaul had retired. Keith Bryar had gone on to other things. Peg Ricker Nansen was alive and well in Ottawa but not interested in dog breeding. Her daughter Bunty wasn't interested, either. Such was the nature of the hiatus in Seppala breeding during the late McFaul period; all of the knowledgeable old hands were out of the game.


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