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Jafet Lindeberg


Jafet Lindeberg (12 September 1973 - November 1962), was a Norwegian participant in the Nome (Alaska) Gold Rush, one of the three "Lucky Swedes" (the two Swedes were Erik Lindblom and John Bryntesson) who made the original $1500-to-the-pan Anvil Creek strike in 1898. He was owner of the Pioneer Mining Company in Nome and the employer of his fellow Norwegian Leonhard Seppala, whom he had recruited in Norway on his return there in 1899. Lindeberg had been a friend and co-worker of Seppala on the fishing grounds of Finnmark. He staked Seppala for the journey to Alaska, lending him $300 for the passage from Norway.

Lindeberg bought Siberian dogs, probably from the Ramsay group, intending to present them to Norwegian Polar explorer Roald Amundsen for his planned expedition to the North Pole. Amundsen scrubbed his North polar plans after the Cook and Peary expeditions claimed to have reached the objective; eventually in 1913 Lindeberg turned a group of around fifteen Siberian females and puppies over to Seppala to train and enter in the All-Alaska Sweepstakes.



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