Jacques Suzanne


Jacques Suzanne (1880 - 1967), of French extraction, was one of the Lake Placid group of sleddog drivers and breeders in the 1930s and 1940s. His "Movie Ranch" was a tourist attraction, located on Bear Cub Road just outside the village of Lake Placid.

Suzanne, another of the flamboyant self-promoters of those days, billed himself a "great explorer" (this is carved on his tombstone at the North Elba Cemetery in the village). For many years he bred sleddogs on his ranch, including registered Siberian Huskies all of which appear to have been bred from a single pair "Polaire" and "Darka". Suzanne's lineage was still being bred as a pure strain well into the mid-1960s, all inbred from a single mating.


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