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Harry Roberts Wheeler


Harry Roberts Wheeler was the owner and operator of Grey Rocks Inn ski resort in St. Jovite Station, Quebec. During the 1930s and 1940s Wheeler acquired key Siberian breeding stock from Seppala Kennels' proprietors Leonhard Seppala and [Elizabeth M. Ricker], and ultimately acquired the right to the Seppala Kennels name as well. Wheeler bred Seppala Siberians from 1930 through 1947 and circa 1950 sold Seppala Kennels and its remaining stock to C. S. MacLean and [JDMcFaul | J. D. McFaul of Maniwaki, Quebec.

The significance of the Wheeler kennel can hardly be overstated. Although it is minimised in Siberian Husky breed books such as Michael Jennings' The New Complete Siberian Husky, the breeding of the Wheeler kennel became the foundation of the entire Siberian Husky breed, accounting for around 70% of the ultimated pedigree lines of most registered stock today. Likewise the Wheeler stock was the cornerstone of today's Seppala Siberian Sleddog breed.


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