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Cold River Kennels


Cold River Kennels was an early Seppala lineage New England kennel, operated by "The Duchess" Marie Frothingham and her daughter Millie Turner. Although the residence of Frothingham and her daughter was Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, the kennel itself was in North Sandwich, New Hampshire, and was named for the river that ran behind the property.

Cold River began around 1930 with the purchase of a sable male Siberian from Oliver Shattuck's breeding, Doctor Dawson. Other stock was purchased from the Shattuck bloodline, but the real beginning of the Cold River bloodline was in the mid-1930s when several key breeding animals were purchased from the Harry Wheeler Seppala Kennels in Canada. Ch. Vanka of Seppala 2nd, called "Cossack," from the Kree Vanka x Tosca mating, and Sapsuk of Seppala from the Tserko x Dushka mating became the main Cold River leaders and stud dogs. As both males are known to have passed through the Belfords' kennel, it seems likely that the Belfords were instrumental in setting up the deal between Frothingham and Wheeler. This would have been a very expensive transaction considering the number of quality of the animals involved, along with the obvious fact that the Wheeler stock would become key breeding stock for a major New England kennel.


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