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Arthur Treadwell Walden


Arthur T. Walden, born 10 May 1871, died 26 March 1947, was a Klondike Gold Rush adventurer, a pioneering dog driver, the founder of the New England Sled Dog Club, developer of the Chinook sled dog breed, and a major participant in the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition. He was also known as an author in his day, primarily for his books A Dog Puncher on the Yukon, Harness and Pack, and Leading a Dog's Life.

Walden went head to head with {LeonhardSeppala | Leonhard Seppala] in the famous Poland Spring challenge race in 1927, and lost the race to Seppala's team despite a series of misadventures experience on the trail by Seppala and his dogs. This was substantially the end of Walden's racing career. He changed the direction of his breeding programme to produce a lighter, faster kind of sleddog thereafter. Soon, though, all of his efforts became focussed on the First Byrd Antarctic Expedition for which Walden volunteered as a dog driver. The race took place at the end of Seppala's tour of the U.S.A. following the Nome Serum Drive.


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